juror and witness

Summary: In Episode #24 of the SM JUROR Podcast, Juror Misconduct Law in Review, Attorney Nilgün Aykent Zahour analyzes the juror misconduct issues in Vasquez Juarez v. State, No. 2452, SEPT.TERM,2017, 2019 WL 4187473 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. Sept. 3, 2019). Issue: In denying defendant’s motion for mistrial, did the trial court abuse its discretion in refusing to voir dire a juror who may have known a trial witness?

Summary: Nilgün Aykent Zahour analyzes the juror misconduct issues in State v. Anderson, No. 34655-2-III, 2018 WL 5734623 (Wash. Ct. App. Nov. 1, 2018). The issues we’re going to discuss are the trial court’s broad discretion in conducting investigations of alleged juror misconduct; jurors who see newspaper or media accounts of the trial during the trial; and jurors who know testifying witnesses.