trial court’s admonitions

An examination of the juror misconduct issues in State v. Baumgartner, No. 46386, 2019 WL 6463113 (Idaho Ct. App. Dec. 2, 2019).

Summary: In Episode #25 of the SM JUROR Podcast, Juror Misconduct Law in Review, Attorney Nilgün Aykent Zahour analyzes the juror misconduct issues in State v. Rojas, No. 2 CA-CR 2018-0271, 2019 WL 4051861 (Ariz. Ct. App. Aug. 28, 2019). Issue: Does the jury’s knowledge of publicized videotaped trial proceedings on social media prejudice the defendant?

The following is SM JUROR’s slideshare analysis of Stafford v. Burns, 241 Ariz. 474, 389 P.3d 76 (Ariz. Ct. App. Jan. 17, 2017). Despite the court’s admonition not to discuss this medical malpractice case with anyone, a juror inquired about the evidence and asked other jurors in the elevator about it.